Important Decision Making

Our responsibility to the Environment and People who work with us

Sustainability and Fairness

Being proactive when it comes to researching our fabrics is essential; we select ones that have the minimum impact on the environment and workers

Fabric Choices in our Collections

We require extra soft, breathable, high performing and durable fabrics

  • 100% Organic Cotton
  • 70% Sustainably Grown Bamboo and 30% Organic Cotton
  • Lenzing Tencel ® – made predominately from Eucalyptus
  • Lenzing MicroModal ® – made predominately from Beech wood


Following our research to date, we decided to use the above selection of materials instead of just one. It would be worse to exhaust one material. We want to help maintain balance and harmony for the planet whilst maintaining the supply for the demand of our ever growing population.

After we have done our part, the life of a product continues its journey in the consumer’s hands, which also has an impact on the environment. That is why we believe in high quality timeless classic products so that things last and are cherished longer.