Emma Nissim about photo

We have always been close sisters and look out for each other. During our school days we played lots of hockey, netball, tennis, squash and swimming together, and now use those team work skills we developed from sport in the business today.

It wasn’t a straight forward journey for Emma, she continued with the sporty route and soon realised that she did not want to pursue it as a career. With the support and encouragement from our family, she changed and explored various options. Fashion and style have always been an interest to her, so having never done any arts or crafts, it made sense that she started off with a Fashion Design foundation course in Newham College, and then a Textiles Art degree from Goldsmiths University. Following that, she started off by running her own market stall, and I soon realised she needed support and that is when I came on the scene full time, quitting my job as a Landscape Architect. We soon had an opportunity to have a pop up shop in Greenwich Market, Christmas 2008 for 5 weeks, which became 5 years.

Emma tends to design for her needs, and the demands of running all aspects of the business means she is rushing around all day! So comfort and style are key. She loves her vibrant colours and animals, so naturally they are a dominant theme in her print designs. However, it can be quite frustrating for her as she invests time to source eco and ethical garments and they aren’t always accessible, so everything takes ages!

I love that so much thought and consideration has gone into Emma’s clothing. I virtually live in them as they are so comfortable and I feel like I look good for my daily needs, such as the school run, grocery shopping, meeting my friends for a coffee, yoga, pilates, going to the park, work …..

As practising yogis, we discovered that many other yogis love our clothes too. So we decided to take our clothes to them at yoga festivals and shows around the UK. So far it has been a fun journey of meeting lots of friendly people and building relationships.

Our goal is to use our work to make a difference, and have fun doing it.