Some Yoga Action  

Video of Emma Testing Fitness Tanks

This is a lovely sequence of movements taught to us by Jana Appleyard.


Sharing our teachers with you

Wendy McGuire – Iyengar

We currently practise Iyengar yoga with Wendy in Greenwich. It is excellent for getting the alignment of your body right and just learning the intention of which way your muscles need to work for getting into and holding poses. It is a great foundation.

Jana Appleyard – has created her own style of yoga influenced by Shadow Yoga and her passion for the body’s abilities

Jana is now based in Croatia, so we tend to have 8 – 14 days intensive workshops with her, when we attend her retreat and when she visits London. Her beautifully choreographed yoga is so different to any other type of yoga, she focuses on teaching us to find and use strength from parts of our bodies we neglect. It seriously is a very powerful and sophisticated yoga. We absolutely love it, she is a genius.

Both are very different types of teachers, but we see and feel the benefits of both. In the earlier yoga days, we did a lot of Ashtanga and Vinyasa Flows which we found a lot of benefit and fun too. Our goal is to plan my time do more of those classes and explore other types of yoga too.

How we got into Yoga

We have always been sporty sisters. We started with mini hockey before the age of 5 and played netball and hockey together till the end of our school days. These team sports were probably good preparation for us working together in business.

It is unfortunate that these fun contact sports have had a high impact on our joints and have involved several ankle and knee injuries, more so for Rachael,

Yoga for physiotherapy

“I took up yoga as my physiotherapy. I realised I was never going to do my exercises properly and regularly on my own; life was too distracting and I certainly didn’t have the discipline yet. Ten to twenty years later, I am a bit better at stretching it out in my own time, even though life is full of even more distractions now. Anyway, this concept of self-practise is work in progress. I need it to maintain the physical strength that makes me feel so much better and to get all the good hormones running through my body.

Yoga also helped the pain in my wrist from using a computer mouse too much when I used to do CAD work most of the day, and then had a recurring problem when carrying Louise as a baby. Anyway, I have to hand it to Jana, I sorted it out after a summer retreat with her.

On a reminiscing note, when we were kids, our Dad suffered a slipped disc. He has always been committed to his exercises, so much that we remember him doing them at the airport, at the time we were just children, so we found it a bit embarrassing, he seriously just got on with it. Of course, that is us now, no wonder we aren’t too shy to do our yoga in public. Lucky Louise!”

Yoga for balance

Emma says, “I took up yoga to balance out the stresses of running a business. I found that I was just always working as there just aren’t enough hours in the day to get everything done. I had to learn to balance things out for a healthier life. “

This is how we became yogis and brought our business with us.

Our motto is, “get on with it” – good advice Dad, thanks.