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Nancy’s yoga journey began at the age of 17 in Toronto, Canada. As she matured and explored many yoga lineages such as Moksha, Bikram, Astanga, Yin and classical Hatha, she found that yoga was the perfect calming addition to her high-stress life as student. After obtaining her degree in Music Theatre Performance from Sheridan College, she took her yoga “on the road”, practicing at yoga studios throughout Canada and the United States as she toured with Royal Caribbean, the Disney Company and countless theatre productions. Throughout the constant flux of a performer’s life, yoga remained the faithful constant source of relaxation and meditation.
Over a decade into her personal yoga practice, Nancy has come to recognize the undeniable benefits yoga, both physical and psychological. She aims to raise awareness of the joy and magic of yoga in her classes, encouraging her students to ‘be brave!’ and surprise themselves. She believes that yoga can be meditative and fun, and that it’s for everyone – regardless of their age, level of fitness or level of flexibility.
Nancy is currently leading classes, workshops and events across London, UK.

Head to for more information, or find Nancy on Twitter and Instagram @nancysilverman.